About SM4E Award

Digital Empowerment Foundation has always been dedicated towards finding ICT solutions for the under-served communities to make a fairer, more inclusive India. It is extending its same motto of communicating and enduing masses , this time “with social media” by initiating “Socialmedia4empowerment” portal where social media evangelists can gather under one umbrella to connect and communicate with the world with a trust that “may be it takes time, but changes do happen”.

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Social Media for Empowerment Awards 2017 Award Gala on 29th April, 2017
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Award Categories

Digital Empowerment Foundation is proud to launch the 4th edition of Social Media for Empowerment Summit and Awards, 2017. SM4E is a platform for the recognition of social media-driven initiatives taken for the development of masses.It is also an opportunity to meet innovators and social media experts. Nominations are  now open for the following categories:

Community Mobilisation

This category recognises group or community efforts and initiatives that use various platforms of social media effectively for social and developmental purposes.

Public Relations

This category recognises efforts where social media has been used as a PR tool to successfully and effectively put across views and right messages to the desired constituencies.

Women Empowerment

This category acknowledges social media practices that are breaking the stereotypical image of women and projecting women-related issues to find a way towards their empowerment.

Social Games & Entertainment

This category recognises innovative initiatives on social media, which have enabled joy, fun, entertainment and games at the touch of tap.

Social Commerce & Enterprise

This category is dedicated to recognising those pioneers who are using social media to attract global audience and leverage them for their socio-commercial products and services.

Crowdsourcing, Crowd Economy and Crowd Funding

This category recognises initiatives and efforts that turned to crowdsourcing, crowd funding or crowd economy to turn their ideas into reality.

Communication, Advocacy & Development Activism

This category recognises efforts and initiatives that use social media mechanism and platforms as a tool for advocacy, building opinions and converting them into development activism.


Citizen Media & Journalism

This category acknowledges initiatives by open media enthusiasts who use social media platforms as a channel to broadcast their views, real time stories and pictures for those who are voiceless and may not have any mainstream media platform.


Online Safety

This category recognises initiatives taken to improve online safety associated with using social media